Rio Costilla

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ImageWith Rio Grande Cutthroats being the predominate species, the river also holds Cutbows and Rainbows with fish ranging from 5” to 18” and averaging 9” to 11”. You can also find the occasional Brown and Brook trout on the Costilla.

While the always ubiquitous Caddis and Mayflies dominate the scene, Stoneflies also play a very strong role on the stream throughout the season. Terrestrials such as Ants and Beetles (one of our personal favorites) as always, produce well in late summer and early fall with hoppers working nicely all summer long - particularly during the afternoon “lull”.

When the flows are higher, droppers are unbeatable, although dries can still be a killer within eddies and pockets and on the seams between slack and fast water.

ImageClassic bead-headed nymph patterns such as flashback Pheasant Tails, Hares ears (we like flashbacks or poxy-backs), Prince nymphs, Micro-Mays and Copper Johns are always deadly as long as your drift is drag free, you have your depth right on and you cover the water thoroughly. 

The Rio Costilla and the Valle Vidal combine to give us one of the most gorgeous areas in New Mexico replete with an abundance of wildlife and breathtaking natural beauty.

Located just a little over an hour drive north from Taos, this is without question, a wonderful place to spend the day fishing. Please give us a call to book a trip or for up to the minute fishing and water condition reports. 




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