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Guide Request Form

Whether you’re making a short trip, a long trip or just a day trip to Taos - if you're a beginner or an experienced angler – there’s no need to bring all of your gear for a day or two on the water. We're all- inclusive!

Blue Yonder will equip you with everything you need from rod and reel to waders and flies – and unlike most other guide services, all equipment and terminal tackle (flies, leader and tippet) is included in the guide fee.

There is no scrimping on equipment at Blue Yonder - We proudly provide Sage and Redington fly rods, Ross and Redington fly reels and Hodgman and Frogg Toggs hip waders.

Blue Yonder will gladly provide transportation if needed or desired. In most cases we will be happy to pick you up and drop you off at your hotel, B&B, vacation rental etc. ( Taos Ski Valley is one exception).

 That said, we do recommend driving your own vehicle when possible for the simple reason that when the day is done you're free to go and do what you want, i.e. take a drive, explore a little or whatever your heart desires. You don't have to come back to Taos when the guide returns.

With Blue Yonder the time you pay for is time on the water – travel time is not considered in the trip time. It's on us!


Guiding Philosophy

  The fact of the matter is everybody is looking for something different. Blue Yonder is commited to putting forth the maximum effort to give you, the client, just exactly what you're looking for.

Our guided trips are geared and set up toward our client’s needs and desires – it’s that simple!

Whether you're looking for a day of instruction or hardcore fishing or a little relaxation in a peaceful environment, you’re coming to Taos for an escape. Let us provide the knowledge and a dedication to value and service needed for a great day on the water.

While we strive to meet any situation head on -If we at Blue Yonder feel we are unable fulfill or satisfy your expectations we will happily recommend someone else that may be able to do so. No problem - Seriously, we know everybody!

Destinations are chosen in collaboration with the client expectations- with the goal of providing an optimum fly-fishing experience based on current water conditions and exactly what the client desires. 

Blue Yonder believes strongly in and strictly adheres to the conservation philosophy of Catch and Release of all wild fish! 


New to fly fishing? Have you been curious about fly fishing and weren't sure how to get started?

A little nervous perhaps....? You've come to the right place! 

You won't find a more beginner-friendly guiding operation than Blue Yonder - or a better opportunity to learn to fly fish without the expense of renting or buying equipment!

We absolutely love to teach!

Allow us to take the mystery and stress out of the learning process and put you at ease. After all - it's just fishin'!

Blue Yonder's knowledgeable and patient guides impart a gentle laid-back down-to-earth style and are committed to teaching every aspect of the sport in an uncomplicated easy to understand manner.

Blue Yonder takes great pride in teaching the art of fly fishing. 

We'll take you from knots and casting and reading the water to bugs and fly selection and of course : The all-important Drag-Free Drift.

If an easy-going relaxed approach to fly fishing instruction focused on discovery and fun in gorgeous, tranquil surroundings is what you’re looking for, then Blue Yonder is the guide service for you.


Experienced Anglers

We believe you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Are you wanting to improve/correct your casting technique?                                                                  

How about expanding your knowledge of stream entomology or reading a stream properly?

Maybe you're a big river-big rod angler who's been curious about the wonderful world of Rocky Mountain small-stream light rod fly fishing?

Perhaps you'd like to work on your dry fly game - We're dry fly specialists and can assure you we will take you to the next level and beyond. 

There is always something to learn and Blue Yonder offers you the extensive experience and premium expertise to take your fly fishing knowledge and talents up a few notches.                                           

The emphasis is always on matching the fishing with the type of experience/knowledge you’re looking for to ensure a rewarding and fulfilling day on the water.

If you're working on your life-list and are considering fishing in Argentina, Chile or Kamchatka Russia and desire some insight/opinion and assistance; don't hesitate to give us a shout. We've worked and been there and we can help!


Casting Lessons

Expert casting lessons are available for up to three people for $30.00 an hour.

Grab a couple of friends and cut your costs! Call (575)779-9002 for an appointment.


Deposits / Cancellations

We Make Booking A Trip Easy And Hassle Free!

No deposit is required. We've been doing this a long long time and we consider it a completely unnecessary inconvenience.

No advance notice is required - Although 24-48 hours or more is advantageous - If a guide is available You're Going Fishing... It's that easy. Seriously.

Our cancellation policy is simple:  We don’t have one.

We just ask for the courtesy (if you can) of at least 24–48 hours notice so that another trip may be bookedPlease just let us know as soon as you can. 

We want you to come see us when you can make it back to the area!

In lieu of that not being possible:  No Problem   Things Happen   We Understand... We Really Do       


Our guided trips include: Rod(s) and Reel(s), Hip waders, and all terminal tackle (flies, leader and tippet) needed for your day on the water. No equipment needed!

All you need is your fishing license, easily obtained in the Taos area. A one day N.M. fishing license is : $22.00 and a five day license is $35.00.

Half-Day – One angler — $200.00 - Plus tax

Two anglers --- $ 225.00 - Plus tax

Three anglers --- $ 250.00 - Plus tax

Fourth or Fifth Angler --- $45.00 per Angler 

Half Days are 3-4 hours of fishing/instruction with beverages/water provided.

Full-Day -- One angler --- $ 280.00 - Plus tax

Two anglers --- $ 325.00 - Plus tax

Three anglers --- $ 370.00 - Plus tax

Fourth or Fifth Angler --- $45.00 per Angler 

Full Days are 6-8 hours of fishing/instruction with lunch, beverages and water provided.

Please let us know if you have any special dietary needs or requests. We’re more than happy to accommodate.

Rates Do Not Include: N.M. Fishing License (Required), Sales Tax or Gratuities.

Payment Info 

We accept all Major Credit Cards - Visa/MC  Amex  Discover 

We accept cash and happily accept checks - no problem


Don't forget to bring:

  • Hat with a wide brim or visor
  • Sunscreen—at least 40spf is recommended as the sun is intense at high-altitude.
  • Polarized sunglasses for UV and hook protection and maximum visibility into the water.
  • Warm layers and a good rain jacket. The weather is very unpredictable in the mountains.
  • Warm socks and warm comfortable pants with belt loops to accommodate hip waders.
  • Change of clothing in case you get wet. Hey- it happens!

Remember: ” It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”

- Guide Request Form -

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